F# Tutorials

F#Just another collection of links today, but what a collection. If like me you were a little late to the F# party these will get you going.

I know the last two posts, this one included are a little off topic but you know what they say “Adapt or Die“. This may sound a little harsh but if the only quiver to your bow is SQL at some point you will find yourself looking at every problem in the same way .”If all you have is a hammer, everything seems like a nail” or some thing like that. There is a lot of bad quotes or sayings or something in this post.  lets draw a line under it…

Anyway today’s post is a collection of F# tutorials that I for one have been following closely. I think that F# is one of the most exciting languages to have come out in a long time and one that any data professional should at least be aware of if not proficient in. These posts are brought to use by Sacha Barber.

  1. F# for beginners
  2. Hello World
  3. FSI Environment
  4. Formatting text
  5. Let / Use / Do Bindings
  6. Operators
  7. Tuples
  8. Records
  9. Discriminated Unions
  10. Option types
  11. Lists
  12. Sequences
  13. Arrays
  14. Pattern Matching
  15. Recursion
  16. Code Organization (Modules / Files/ Types)
  17. Understanding Signatures
  18. Mutable / Ref Cells
  19. Flow Control
  20. Exceptions
  21. Creating Types / Adding members
  22. Events
  23. Abstract classes, overriding methods and implementing interfaces
  24. Generics
  25. Reflection
  26. Active Patterns
  27. Reactive Programming
  28. Asynchronous Workflows
  29. Integrating With Task Parallel Library
  30. Interop
  31. Type providers
  32. etc…